Thursday, January 23, 2014

A letter for Murali Mohan Charitable Trust, Huge Thanks! - Valluri Chandra Sekhar

Dear Sir,

I am Chandrashekar, currently pursuing my M.Tech in Construction Technology and Management at I.I.T Delhi. It’s my pleasure and I'm grateful for this opportunity to write a letter about the help I received for my B.Tech education from Murali Mohan Charitable Trust. Here is a brief write up of how fortune brought me to MMM Charitable Trust.

To start with, when I completed my Diploma at S.M.V.M Polytechnic, Tanuku I was in dilemma whether to continue studies or not even though I achieved good rank (13th at state level) in my E-CET exam. That was the time while I came to know about  Murali Mohan Charitable Trust through my H.O.D Mr. T. Ramesh. He advised me to meet Mr. Murali, a resident of Tanuku village, who is famous for his advise & career direction and served as real time help for a student like me who was seeking that badly. At the first meeting he told to address a letter to Murali Mohan Charitable trust. To all my surprise and hope it was an unforgettable and touchy moment when on a fine day I received a call from Dhanalakshmi Madam from MMM trust.  Emotions turmoiled, and I was determined to study further without any financial burden on my old grand parents.

When I was in my 3rd year of B. Tech, I was fortunate enough to face and spend some time with Murali Mohan Sir once at his office. Office was crowded with lots of student aspirants and parents seeking help. Undoubtedly it was not possible to give time to all but MMM Sir delayed his lunch and did not move until he made everyone smile by ascertaining financial help to all who came there. He is a patient listener, a stable personality, an excellent motivator and a great leader. At my first meeting, I entered into his chamber, was hardly able to utter any word in front of him but his one smile made me comfortable; moreover he himself started discussing the matter.  He inquired about my studies, my family background and finally motivating me for self-dependence and personal growth. I was amazed by the kind hearted, very punctual attitude and his inner willingness to reach to the people to extend a helping hand. That day itself I was determined to do the same for needy and keep this cycle rotating as and when I will be able to do so.

Here is my big salute for the staff of the Trust, their kind help, polite answers to my childish queries, who work round the clock for preparing checks, dispatching them on time and taking care of matters concerning students studies. With the support your team lend to thousands of needy people every year to fulfill the dreams and achieve goals...

Murali Mohan sir is godfather to me and to lakhs of other people in true sense. Long live MMM Sir. I promise this flame of divine light will go on and on for a better India... and a better world.

Thanks Sir for everything. Shall always be indebted by your genuine support.

Your Child,
Chandra Sekhar Valluri
IIT New Delhi
Alampuram Village,
West Godavari District.

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