Saturday, October 2, 2010

About Muralimohan

"Hard work and determination will bring you success in any field. I had experience as a theatre artist before I became an actor. After establishing myself as an actor I ventured into the real estate business. I put my heart and soul into that and I reaped the benefits of my dedication". These are the words which proven Right in the life of Mr. Murali Mohan.

Murali Mohan born on 24-6-1940 in CHATAPARRU village, ELURU Mandal, West Godavari District. His parents Mr. Maganti Madhava Rao Garu he was freedom fighter, Mother Vasumathi Devi Maganti. His schooling started at his own Village and then he joined Intermediate in Eluru and Failed in intermediate. In 1963, he started his business at Vijayawada (KISAN Engineering Company) which deals in electrical motors and oil engines. He joined there as working partner and without any investment with a monthly salary of 100/- and 15% share in the company. He then started the Stage Dramas in Vijayawada as a hobby and still he was continuing the Business and there were good profits in the business and his performance was very much appreciated and he became the 50% share holder in the company. With the support of Mr. Rami Reddy and Mr. Chatarjee he got a chance to act in the Dramas and the stage shows.

In 1973, Chatarjee wanted to start a movie and he gave a chance to Murali Mohan as Second hero in the movie and with the obligations from the Distributors the role was given someone else. At the same period famous Director Mr. Kranthi Kumar, was searching for Good talent and he called Murali Mohan for the Photoshoot and while doing this photo shoot one of the famous Producer of those days Mr. Atluri Poornachandra Rao wanted to start movie with new faces. He was very much impressed with Stills of Murali Mohan and gave him a chance as Hero in the movie "JAGAME MAYA" in the year 1973. This is the first break as Hero for Murali Mohan and in the same movie GiriBabu debuted as villain. Even though the response of the movie was Good again the same struggle for Murali Mohan for the Roles and he was in Vijayawada searching for the chances for the movies at the same time continuing his business. In 1974, as a sudden surprise Mr. Dasari Narayana Rao called Murali Mohan for a Role in the movie TIRUPATI as Sub Inspector of Police. Dasari got impressed with the performance of Murali Mohan and gave him chances in his 40 Movies from then on. In 1975, he warped up the business and shifted to Madras for the Full pledged participation in the film Industry. 1975, he started his career and he never look back and he acted in almost 150 Movies as Hero and second hero and around 350 movies as special Roles. He is the first person to act in Television serials from the Telugu film industry. In 1990, he retired as Hero and apted to act in the character artist roles and other roles. He was very much inspired with Akkeneni Nageswara Rao Garu and of course his filmy guru Mr. Dasari Narayana Rao Garu.

As an actor who started his career in early 70's, Murali Mohan was termed to be a slow starter in the Telugu Film Industry. He terms the period between 1975 and 1985 to be his best phase, in his film career. After taking a break from active Cinema, he served in various positions in National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and the regional Film Development Corporation (FDC) in Andhra Pradesh. In addition to this he is the Honorary President of the Telugu Movie Artists Association. He has also been an active member of the Telugu Desam Party.

In 1980 he started his own production house Jayabheri Productions along with his Brother Kishore and his first movie as producer was VARALA ABBAY under the supervision of Famous K.Balachander and it was happened to be 100th film of Murali Mohan. Till now Jayabheri has produced around 25 Movies with ANR, Shoban Babu, Krishna, Nagarjuna, Mahesh Babu and etc...

After establishing himself as an actor he ventured into the real estate business. He put his heart and soul into that and he reaped the benefits of dedication". Speaking about who inspired him, he said "If earning money is an art then maintaining your wealth is another art. This art he learnt from Sobhan Babu. He once told him that anything can be created in this world except land. With the increasing population the land will only keep getting divided. So if you have money invests it in lands. Murali Moihan held on that advice and have reached where he is today because he made good of that sound piece of advice from Sobhan Babu". Murali Mohan further said that he would use a portion of his earning to help poor students and encourage them toward a better living.

Social Service

Having won accolades in his own profession, Mr. Murali Mohan, a keen social activist and visionary, felt that he should contribute his might to the betterment of the society as a part of his social commitment. This he felt could be achieved by promoting Education to the Poor people who are very good at studies and cannot afford for the Further Higher studies because of their poor financial and Social Status.

His mission is to fund education initiatives of poor communities who on their own are not able to attract funding from government and NGOs, because they lack the necessary institutionalization, access and skills.

The Idea behind this trust is to adopt the poor people who cannot afford the Higher education (Engineering, Medicine, IIT, Other PG Courses). The basic eligibility will be 95% in both SSC and Intermediate and below 3000 Rank in EAMCET or any other preferred Entrance Tests. The students will be taken into consideration only after the full pledged screening for both their financial and social status. Their vision is to Adopt 1000 People by the year 2010 and by 2015 Trust want to create a corpus fund of 100 crores and want to make it as Lifelong survival for the adopted students.

Since it began its momentous journey in 2007, it has been able to reach out to almost 1000 children in providing scholarships to children who are economically backward yet meritorious.Eligible students have been funded irrespective of caste & Creed