Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Have Adopted 1000 Students So Far…Maganti Muralimohan

Right from my Childhood, i wanted to become a successful Businessman. Hence i ended up as an average student and could’nt clear my twelfth either. When i thought of starting a business, i realized that i was not having money as i have spent till last pie for my sister’s marriages. Then i thought of doing a job but dropped my ideas as i don’t have a degree. In that crucial juncture, one of my uncles has offered me to work along with him for his business. Starting from the scratch, i developed as 50% share holder in the same company.Simultaneously is was concentrating on dramas, plays etc and also entered the movie industry. After a long journey there, i entered the Real Estate business and was successful there also.

Then one fine day i thought of doing some charity works. Before getting into this, i thought of several things like Old Age Homes, Vocational courses training center for Street Children etc.As many of my friends suggested, there will be no use to the society by doing all those things.Then finally i have decided to help the intelligent students who are financially weak.

By God’s grace i have earned more than enough in my life. Reason why i am able to help around 1000 students, for which it costs me around 5 crores per Annum. I have shared all of those details with all of you earlier through our site maastars.com. I here by would like to bring to your notice about the criteria of selection of students who likes to join our Charitable trust.It is as follows…

1) Student should be very poor by default.
2) Minimum marks should be 90% in both 10th and Intermediate.
3) EAMCET rank for Engineering students should be below 5000.
4 )EAMCET rank for Medicine Students should be below 2000.
5) Parents working details like salary statements, residential proofs(Ration Card) etc required.
6) Caste no bar.
7) We will not be funding to the students who are already in the middle of their courses.
8)No recommendations will be entertained.
9) Applications will be issued at our office,once EAMCET results are declared.

Students who fit in above mentioned criteria only will be selected for adoption by “MURALIMOHAN CHARITABLE TRUST” after scrutinizing all the applications.We have been successfully running this trust for the past 4 years.And we are very happy to tell you that around 120 plus bunch of Engineers, Doctors,CA’s are passing away this year. I hope this will continue forever like this and many more intellectual poor students would be benefited by our Trust.

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