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Know Your Strengths - The Hindu - Education Plus - March 10, 2014 - NICE READING for ECE STUDENTS

Know your strengths

I am pursuing my B.Tech in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). I want to take up a short-term course related to my field, to improve my career prospects. Please advice on the same.
 - Priya/ Likhita Vommi
Electronics and Communication Engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with design, development and operation of electronic and communication devices.
Like any other core branch of engineering, electronics and communication engineering is a broad discipline. Based on your strengths and interests you can choose one or two areas from the discipline, study them deep and explore career in relevant fields. Given below is information on some of the areas:

Electronic Design Automation (EDA): Electronic design automation is using software tools to design electronic systems like printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. If you want to pursue career in this field, you must concentrate on subjects like digital electronics, analogue devices and microprocessors, taught as part of the B.Tech curriculum. Along with this, you should gain proficiency in languages like Hardware Description Language (HDL), VeriLog, System VeriLog, VHDL, Python and Test Command Language.
Opportunities for experts in this field are in companies dealing with EDA, semiconductors, consumer electronics and telecommunications.
Vector Institute, Hyderabad offers short-term courses in VHDL, Verilog and System Verilog. For details, log on to

Digital Signal Processing (DSP): Digital signal processing is all about manipulating information signals. Put in simple terms, DSP is converting analogue signals like voice, music and video into numerical values, isolating individual components of the signal to analyse and rearrange them, and converting the digital signal back to analogue data with improved quality. Digital devices like mobile phone, ECG, TV, microwave oven, washing machine, car or satellite perform signal processing.
Professionals in DSP can find employment in industries related to consumer electronics, semiconductors and telecommunications. For a successful career in this field, you should be proficient in DSP architecture and languages like Matlab, C and C++.
Planck Technical, Hyderabad ( offers training in Matlab.

Telecommunications: Telecommunications deals with design, installation and maintenance of applications, equipment and infrastructure, involved in processing and transmitting information through the Internet, mobile telephones, wireless networks, broadband and satellite. Experts in this field can find jobs in companies dealing with telecommunications, wireless communications and networking.
Advanced Level Telecom Training Centre, Ghaziabad offers training in advanced telecommunications technologies. For details, log on to

Networking: Networking covers design and maintenance of networks. It includes both hardware and software aspects of networking. Candidates aspiring for a career in this field should be proficient in areas like operating system, microprocessor, computer architecture, assembly and disassembly of networks and troubleshooting techniques.
Cisco certifications ( are a series of tests that assess knowledge in different aspects of networking. The certification tests include computer-based test and lab test.                                                   
T. Muralidharan
TMI e2E Academy
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