Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top Ways to Learn English Fast

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Here is the some points given to learn English Fast ..................

As learning English has become an international craze a lot of people try different means to improve their spoken English. Many want to improve it without even learning Grammar.

In case, your mother tongue is English you do not actually need to learn grammar. You will learn English naturally. But if it is not your mother tongue then you can not speak it correctly without understanding the sentence structure. Still you do not need to go deep into grammar. A simple knowledge is enough. Here are seven tips which will help you to improve your spoken English fast:

Tip No # 1

Visit this site everyday and read a few conversations loudly. Some persons ask frankly: what is the use of reading loudly? I tell that it removes hesitation, and like children we learn speaking faster when we can hear our own voice.

Tip No # 2

Not every day but now and then read grammar chapters. Basic need is to learn simple sentences, tenses, imperatives, modals and articles. You do not need to learn grammar in detail. Learning definitions of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, or structure of clauses is wastage of time. Moreover, it will confuse your mind.

Tip No # 3

When you have got some knowledge of grammar and conversations from this site, first try to speak in English with your close friends or family members. As you are less hesitant with them it will help you to improve easily.

Tip No # 4

Accent practice is easy at your own home. You can practice three types of accents. To learn your country's accent watch news channels of your country. To learn British accent watch BBC. And to learn American accent watch CNN. Listen and try to imitate the news readers. This is the best method to learn an accent. No institute can help better when you can learn it at home from the best speakers - the media news readers.

Tip No # 5

Once a week you can listen to your recorded voice. Record while speaking on a particular topic or talking to your friend or family member. Then see your pronunciation and understand your mistakes.

Tip No # 6

Keep a dictionary with you. It will help you to learn the meanings and correct pronunciation.

Tip No # 7

Write a diary or blog regularly. It will refine your sentence making. Consequently, you will gain confidence in speaking.

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