Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Thanks to One and All: Muralimohan

How healthy we live does matters
I personally thank everyone who ever has been wishing me on my Birthday since this morning. Thanks to your love and affection towards me. It really doesn’t matter how long we live.But how healthy we live definitely matters. Helping the needy people around us will make us live healthy.In fact that is what is making me feel younger as am growing older and older. I definitely not stop helping the people to a maximum extent till my last breath.

Helping others will always give me an immense pleasure..
As of now, Muralimohan Charitable Trust has adopted near count of 1000.Out of which around 150-160 students have just passed out compelting their engineering and medicines..and few are a CA’s. They all now got placed in good companies and in respectable positions. Whenever they call me up and give the updates at their respective ends, i feel very happy for them. When they came to me, i took a word from each individual to make sure that they all adopt at least two poor students each. And the process has already started by my good old student named Dasarath, a S/W engineer in Bangalore by adopting two students.

Now MAA has got a nation wide recognition….
We cinema people are always one.No politics work before cinema.We all belong to cinema party. Movie Artistes Association has got now a Nation wide recognition.Which has become possible due to every single individual’s co operation of the members of MAA. If we get to speak other than cinema, all of our Movie Artistes stay united and extend their cooperation and participation in the cultural and sporting activities in order to raise funds for a certain purposes like Funds for Poor Artistes, Funds for the sufferers by Natural Calamities kind of stuff.

I can confidently say that our unity will remain the same and grow stronger and stronger. And I, as the President of MAA promise that we are always one and remain one.No one can disturb us and break the bond we have generated between each other.

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